Playing the Oboe Can Make You Healthier!

Instead of the oboe being the “ill wind that nobody blows good,” the oboe can become the “good wind that doesn’t make anybody ill.”

This website is guided by the concept that the motions of oboe playing are just as important as the emotions of playing. In fact, developing an accurate understanding of the motions involved in performance will enable one to more clearly communicate the emotional range of the music.

Oboemotions uses Body Mapping to improve practice and performance.

Body Mapping proves that knowledge IS power–an accurate understanding of body, mind and movement will significantly improve one’s performance, and help avoid or overcome injury.

Join me in exploring ways to make oboe playing more free, expressive, and accurate, while avoiding pain and injury. This website contains a multitude of resources, including music and informational videos, designed to align music making with an accurate understanding of how the body works.