Body Map: We each have mental maps of our body’s structure, function and size. When these maps are accurate, we move well. However, these mental maps are sometimes not accurate, causing us to move in ways that are inefficient, and that may lead to injury.

Body Mapping: We can become aware of our body maps, and we can change inaccurate maps. This improves movement and helps avoid injury.

Body Mapping was initially developed by Barbara Conable, a world renowned Alexander Technique teacher. She trained a network of musicians who now actively work to put music education on a firm somatic foundation. Impressed with her book “What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body,” I began private study with Barbara Conable and in 2004 became a licensed Body Mapping Educator.

When Barbara Conable retired, I was invited to be a Sponsoring Teacher for the Association for Body Mapping Education, and now train others to teach Body Mapping.

Body Mapping has significantly changed my oboe playing and teaching. Since becoming licensed, I have been sharing with other musicians the revelations of how an accurate understanding of the body in movement will improve performance.

Want more information about Body Mapping?
There is a wonderful instructional DVD about Body Mapping: Move Well, Avoid Injury