These six video performances introduce the wide emotional range of recent American music for the oboe.

They are also my personal attempt to express these emotions through greater physical freedom.

All music making is a balance of discipline and freedom.

I hope you enjoy these performances! If you are an oboe player, please consider expanding your repertoire and performing these works--ordering information and biographies of the composers are listed below.

Summer Suite by David Ward-Steinman

The four movements of Summer Suite are at turns lyrical, jazzy, angry, and finally, contemplative.

Two Trifles and a Wedding Present by Philip Orem

Orem's work features jaunty rhythms and Sondheim-like phrases, interspersed with humor.

Quintet for Oboe and Strings by Daron Hagen

The first movement of Hagen's Quintet confronts death (do you hear the Dies Irae theme?), the second is a loving tribute to the mystery of birth, and the last is a lively celebration, with catchy rhythms and a wink to Prokofiev.

Shoreline for oboe, viola and harp by Cynthia Wong

Cynthia Wong's mesmerizing sounds with viola and harp tell the story of Musiline, half-human and half-mermaid, dreaming of a love never realized.

Aria Hebraique by Leon Stein

Aria Hebraique recalls the deep interior world of a Kol Nidrei chant.

Koke No Niwa for English horn, harp and percussion by Alan Hovhaness

"A garden of sounds and silences," this video features photos of the moss gardens of Kyoto which inspired the music.