Shameless Self-Promotion

My “selfie” summarizes how I feel about self-promotion. Awkward. However, today’s world of reality TV, YouTube, and Twitter seems to require musicians to do more than play their horn well. They have to toot their own horn, as well, competing to create a brand and build a fan base. Many music schools are now offering music business courses that teach necessary entrepreneurial skills and also explore endless means of promoting one’s self. It seems that most musicians, besides learning the many intricate skills associated with making great classical music, also have to become their own manager and press agent.

Some people love to talk about themselves, but I’m not one of those people. So it’s refreshing that Galit Kaunitz and Jacqui Wilson have put together the “Double Reed Dish” podcast, providing a forum for artists to feel comfortable talking about themselves, and providing an audience for their stories. I’ve praised this podcast before ( but this past month I had the chance to experience it from a different perspective, as the featured guest for Episode 58. Galit and Jacqui were completely organized and professional. Their friendly demeanor puts an interviewee at ease, even someone like me, who generally feels awkward talking about himself.

These podcasts focus on professional oboe and bassoon players’ early experiences: how they were introduced to the cult of the double reed, and how they went about establishing a career. It’s fascinating to learn about the diverse paths artists have taken towards a career. It’s also encouraging to hear about the varied ways one can make a career in music today. So if you haven’t listened before, check out And be sure to tune in to their live show from the IDRS Conference in Tampa on July 17!

Oh, and to hear Episode 58 (featuring yours truly):