Body Mapping – what every musician needs to know about the body.

American Society for the Alexander Technique – this website helps you locate qualified teachers of the Alexander Technique, but is also a great resource for articles and books on how to improve performance.

Feldenkrais Method – through teaching Awareness-Through-Movement and other means, the Feldenkrais Method has improved many musicians’ lives.

Performing Arts Medicine Association – a professional organization dedicated to the health of performing artists.

Healthy Oboist – a terrific compilation of resources related to healthy oboe playing.

Oboe Help – this website by Sarah Hamilton, oboe professor at SUNY-Fredonia, is truly designed to help oboists with all aspects of performing.

Kooiman thumbrest – if you suffer from finger, hand or arm pain, then this ergonomic thumbrest will make you feel like a new person! – a wealth of resources about musician’s health issues.

The Bulletproof Musician – wonderful advice for managing performance anxiety and other psychological issues of musicians.

The Musician’s Brain – Lois Svard offers practical insights into the latest research about the brain and music.

Playing the Oboe by Ray Still – Ray Still, the legendary Principal Oboist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, has had a tremendous influence on my approach to oboe playing. His method book for the oboe is being made available on this website, and has wonderful ideas about breathing, embouchure and performance practices.

GIA Publications – GIA Publications offers many wonderful publications related to musicians’ health.

Mountain Peak Music – Andover Educator and trombonist-extraordinaire, David Vining is publishing many useful workbooks for “peak” musical performance.

Nevada Arts Council – The Nevada Arts Council has supported much of the work on this website. Check out the many things they do.

Buffet Oboes – Buffet Greenline oboes are first class instruments and friendly to the earth’s environment.

University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Music – offers undergraduate and graduate music degrees as well as an Artist Diploma.

UNLV Consortium for Health and Injury Prevention – the College of Fine Arts at UNLV promotes the Las Vegas community’s understanding of health issues confronting performing artists.