Dishin’ it out at the Gym

Have you actually followed through on your New Year’s Resolution to go to the gym? Tired of watching all those TV screens: CNN, ESPN, CNBC, more of the SOS, over and over? Well instead, consider taking an oboe buddy with you to the gym! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been getting myself healthier with Allan Vogel, Eugene Izotov, Bert Lucarelli, and even a bassoonist or two. How did I convince Bert Lucarelli to go to the gym, you might be asking? Through the wonderful podcasts “Double Reed Dish.” I highly recommend this series of hour long conversations about all things double reed, hosted by the every-vivacious Galit Kaunitz and Jacqui Wilson.

If you go to their website at, you’ll find many terrific gym partners (or maybe you need some entertainment on a long commute…?). You’ll learn something, enjoy the company, and won’t notice you’re sweating and have walked two more miles than you had planned!

Here’s an episode from their “Mavericks!” series that you should listen to: Laura Medisky discusses how Alexander Technique changed her life, and gives some excellent teaching and career advice. Enjoy!