Mapping Social Media

You might have noticed you haven’t heard from me in a while? or maybe not…When I set up my new Oboemotions website, adding blog posts, I wasn’t certain how to find an audience. Some of the posts have done quite well, spreading messages about healthy oboe playing, or new music for double reeds, to hundreds of readers (and “reeders”) across various social media platforms. But with new Facebook algorithms, and fast-changing media options, I’m also seeing how many posts just don’t get noticed at all.

Therefore I am introducing an option to subscribe to Oboemotions Blog Posts. I will be posting monthly blogs about all sorts of double reed topics, especially emphasizing healthy playing techniques, methods to avoid and recover from performance-related injury, and new music for double reeds. I have also taken extra measures to insure that my website and blog posts are secure. I will protect your privacy and will not use your email for marketing purposes.

Please become a subscriber by signing up here: