Holiday shopping for double reeds, and free gifts

Please consider purchasing one or both of my books as a holiday gift for yourself, a friend, or a student. Oboemotions and The Breathing Book are meant to help double reed players find more ease when playing so that they can play more expressively and also avoid injury. People from all over the world have told me how these books have helped them enormously, and in some cases, saved their careers!

This Oboemotions website is my free gift to you. Join me in exploring ways to make oboe playing more free, expressive, and accurate, while avoiding pain and injury. This website contains resources designed to align music making with an accurate understanding of how the body works. It includes free lessons (I normally charge for lessons!) and blog posts on topics of interest to double reed players. There is also free music for you to enjoy, written by some wonderful American composers. I’m able to offer these free gifts to you thanks to the Nevada Arts Council and the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

I hope you have a terrific holiday season, and wish you health, happiness and good reeds in the New Year!

To order books directly from the publishers, click on the photos of them at this link. Or order from Amazon, or many fine Double Reed dealers around the world.